Jayanti and Jenis with their Mother Kamala
As you can see, they were delighted to take pictures! 
The delightful smile - Jenis Neupane 
Jenis and Jayanti Neupane


UPDATE : August 28, 2014

Dear All,

I owe all of you an update on how the kids are doing. I met with with Jenis and Jayanti a few weeks ago when I was back in Nepal. 

Jayanti is enrolled in Grade three and Jenis has started in the Nursery program at NK singh memorial E.P.S school in Minbhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal

When I saw them this time around, they were super delighted and they have been calling me "Sanjeev Mama" :) 

Jenis is a calm boy compared to what he was last year but he is as entertaining as always. He says he is enjoying school. Jayanti says that she is thrilled to be at the current school and is looking to secure the first place in her class.

I met their mother, Kamala Neupane as well. She has wanted me to say thank you to all of you generous people because of which both of her children are able to continue their education and she is hoping that enough time has been bought through the available funds so that her and her husband can support their children's education after the funds run out. 

Below are some pictures and a video of them. Thank you again from their side and from my side as well. I will further update you on their progress.