the donated money will be personally delivered to the school that jayanti is attending and jenis will attend

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If you wish to sponsor Jenis or Jayantii or both, please click here and fill out the form or send an email to


Jayanti is currently attending a school in the capital and is in 3rd grade. Jenis if everything works out will be attending school at the start of the spring. It took probably about 59 different shots to get these two pics :) of course, "Look at the camera and smile, you will get candies" trick worked,finally. 

Jayanti and Jenis' father works a non steady job for a manpower firm with low salary and with the economy of the country going nowhere, the job is not stable. Their mother is a housewife. Recently, most of the family savings went towards the chemotherapy of their Grandfather who passed away. 

​Jayanti was sponsored by a Swedish National through one of the charity organization in Nepal, but unfortunately he passed away and Jayanti does not have a sponsor now. The parents are scrambling to make sure that Jayanti will keep continuing her education and Jenis will be able to start on time as well.

Their mother had requested to see if I could help and I had said I will give it my best shot to see if I could help.

They need help for at a year or so and their parents are hoping that will buy them enough time to get their funds together.